Wanna Do Some Learnin?

Want to “Pick Dhaya’s brain?” Ask her advice? Get professional insight into performing/writing/storytelling? You have come to the right tab. Dhaya –that’s me y’all–is a storyteller, comedian, and public speaker. And I –me again– also teach, coach, and lead workshops. (Also, I often collaborate with Allegory Inc. on larger projects.)

Oh also, it does cost money, but that’s ok, I’m worth it.

The best way to learn to tell jokes, perform a story, or to speak in public is to try and fail in front of strangers (while still noticing what you did well). This requires the willingness to keep trying even when it is hard to notice what worked (trust me something did work)!

Sometimes you need help along the arduous journey.


I teach public speaking and storytelling workshops for corporate and non-profit clients. Clients include professional performers (MUNI Diaries), students (University of Michigan, Stanford University), non-profits (Youth Speaks) and open classes where anyone can attend (Mill Valley Public Library).

If you would like to hire me to teach a class, here are some best practices I have learned from my experience:

• Audience: I aim to have at least 10 people in the class and limit classes to 20.

• Timing: Workshops can be day-long, a few hours, or over a weekend.

• Outcomes: Participants will leave with a bit, story, short talk.


I am available for one-on-one coaching. Clients include individuals at corporations (Facebook), government (San Francisco Board of Supervisors), and regular folks (emcee a gala, give a toast, speak on a panel). I am available to coach on public speaking, storytelling emceeing/hosting, and appearing on-camera.

If you or your organization would like to hire me for coaching, here are some best practices I have learned from my experience:

• Invest Time: The coaching relationship best evolves over 3-6 sessions.

• Efficient: If you only need one session we will coach for 3 hours.

• Fun: I won’t make you cry. I’m not that kinda coach. This is about identifying what works for you and finding your voice. There are a LOT of bad performers, emcees, and other speakers. I will tell you honestly if there is a major problem or perhaps I notice your fly is unzipped. I won’t let you fail.